• Estratégias Empresariais was founded in 1974, and is one of the oldest Brazilian restructuring business consulting firms. Since its inception, the Firm has prided itself on adding value to clients by developing innovative solutions to complex financial problems. The Firm began its operations by creating a unique approach to debt-negotiation for clients facing Chapter 11 proceedings.
  • This recognized approach led the Firm to build a strong reputation and relationships with leading law firms in the bankruptcy field, who chose to partner up with Estratégias Empresariais in order to maximize value for their clients. The Firm also developed strong and long lasting relationships within the financial community, where together with these institutions, significant client value was created in crafting and executing solutions to cash flow problems for companies both in and out of the Chapter 11.
  • Due to its flexibility and experience, by perceiving new market demands, Estratégias Empresariais has always diversified its services. The Firm has always aimed to provide the best, most effective and least costly solution to its clients, via a combination of debt restructuring and new sources of funding, and preferably entirely customized and structured solutions.